Why Websson

Create fully functional applications using cutting edge technology

Host your website and applications securely

Develop remotely on multiple devices

Fully provisioned IDE with latest libraries and components

Flexible, scaleable upgrades tailored to your needs

Effortless deployment to production

No need to maintain and upgrade your own servers

We support all major development frameworks out-of-the-box including the most popular development tools, database engines and database admin interfaces. Supported IDEs such as VSCode web & desktop (via SSH), Jupyter Notebooks and databases such as Postgres, MySql and various NoSQL databases to name but a few.

Choose your Environment in the Cloud or On-Premise
So whether you are are a PHP, Ruby, Node / Javascript, Java, Python, or OTHER developer we have the ideal solution to get you developing in the Cloud safely, securely and with no fuss. Same goes for our on-premise and private Cloud offering. Please get in touch if you would like to self-host Websson or deploy it in your private Cloud.
Host your Applications
Our paid plans include hosting of your own domain/domains in your environment. We support multiple instances to each envrionment to ensure scaleability and maximum performace
Affordable Scaleability
Our most basic Websson subscription can easily support a 5,000 hit/day website. This is great for development and startups but when your app gains popularity a simple subscription upgrade is all you will need in order to meet service level reuqirements.
Complete Flexibility
Connect directly to your environment via SSH to have complete control or alternatively add Database Engines, Datatabase Admin/GUIS, IDE / Editors or packages of your choice by selecting from our range of pre-built options or create bespoke development environments on Github. In all instances you have complete control and flexibility.
Intuitive Development
Websson makes it easy for you to quickly and easily get up and running in the shortest possible time owing to its User First structure and design philosophy.
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